About Us

IT SERVICES US was founded in 2005 to provide professional services to residential and business all around the world. One goal is to be your first and last stop for all your IT needs. Our technical support staff takes the lead in most general problems and is able to help people remotely with problems such as virus removal and problems with software as well as just helping customers with any issues that they cannot figure out. The Network Support Technicians take priority on any calls dealing with businesses and networking. Businesses require special knowledge of networking, servers, and other devices such as routers and switches as well as basic computer repair skills. Computer repair technicians will take on any issue involving hardware such as diagnosing and repairing power supplies, hard drives, motherboards, and plenty of other hardware. Every technician we have is well versed in solving many computer problems but when we break down the issues into specialties we can get the work done faster and more reliably than our competition.

Our Skills

Who we are ?

IT SERVICES US is global IT solution provider serving residential, commercial, educational and government organizations. Our partner network extends to 40 countries. With over 15 years of IT enhanced experience, our team is committed to provide execellent and affordable service.


We continually try to improve the quality of our service through training, partnerships and technical information services. Extending our technical knowledge is a primary goal so that we can deliver the highest quality of service to you.


We are committed to our customers’ needs. We have a well-trained and seasoned work force to respond promptly and professionally to any of your requirements, taking an active role to exceed your expectations.


We act as your company’s single point of contact for all your computer and phone system needs. Service and Products for these important parts of your business is always just one phone call away.