Usman Sarwar
C . E . O | C. I . O

Usman attended Western School of Technology H.S, and he graduated with a magnet program. Usman first enrolled in CCBC and transferred to University of Maryland, where he majored in Information Technology. Usman's first full-time IT position was with Wireless Technologies. He was hired in 2011 as Aix/Unix Administrator to perform maintenance, upgrades and repairs on IBM machines p5-520, p5-550, p5-570, p5-595, p7 750s and 770s running AIX 5.3/6.1/7.1, as well as provide Helpdesk services to clients located throughout the United States. Usman's second full-time IT position was with ATOS Technologies. He was hired in 2013 to 2017 as a Unix Administrator. Providing services to Marriott International. Finally, in 2017, Usman left ATOS Technologies to manage IT Services US full time.

Usman graduated from University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems with focus on AWS.

In one way or another, Usman has worked to solve customers’ needs since his days at Wireless Technolgies. He has worked both directly with end users and on back end systems, and he knew the decisions he made would affect hundreds, if not thousands of users. In every scenario, Usman has focused on accomplishing the mission while ensuring that the people who use the systems are taken into consideration.

Usman possesses a strong entrepreneurial spirit. While working within his family’s businesses, Usman learned about hard work and customer service throughout his life. he developed strong leadership abilities. Usman typically does not accept the status quo and searches for ways to move forward. Harkening back to his years growing up in the commercial family business, he believes that technology is a tool, a tool no different than a mixer in the bakery, or a tank on the battlefield; technology is a tool to enhance and grow a business. Usman believes too many businesses look at technology as just another expense, rather than an investment on the path forward